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lets see, im not as into the grind-death shit, i like more melodic death, SOOOO

10 - Death - Lack Of Comprehension
9 - Amon Amarth - Where Silent Gods Stand Gaurd
8 - Opeth - Serenity Painted Death
7 - Dark Tranquility - Hours Passed In Exile
6 - Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face
5 - Nile - Unas Slayer Of The Gods
4 - Opeth - Blackwater Park
3 - Opeth - The Leper Affinity
2 - Kataklysm - In Shadows & Dust
1 - Cannibal Corpse - Frantic Disembowelment

thats what i think off the top of my head, id have to listen to every death metal tune out there to decide, though, you cant really say the best if you havent heard it all.
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