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Originally Posted by briyo2289
i have a question abouth these, well i dont know the nname or even if they are real but they are like harmony chords. I was doing then in A minor (ABCDEFG). what i did is i would just play three notes that were third harmonys of the last note. for example for an A i would play A C E. I was wondering if that is a real chord and if it is what is it called or if you can do that with other scales. prety much i just dont know too much about theory but like the idea of making chords. thanks

A triad is a 1-3-5 and is relative to the key signature in question.
The A-C-E is a triad, however, it's an "A minor" triad (the 3rd is flattened) in the key of "A Major".

"A Major" triad is "A-C#-E (wwhwwwh) So...A-B-C#-D-E-F#-G#-A
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