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ive used a few over the years, but i dont know much about them, ive noticed tho there are 2 variations with the ones ive sat down with, the first was an alesis, i believe, really confusing, has a record option,you set the time signature and choose thru alot of drumsounds, it ticks out the tempo, then you have to punch in each sound, this thing is a pain in the ass, you end up wanting to punt the thing out the window.the second one is the type i see dj's have for creating techno, looks very expensive but seems easier to use, you see like 1 or 2 rows of 16 buttons, they are LEDs, they light up across the span indicating tempo, whats good about this version is you can see the beats in the span and add sounds or take away sounds as you please,arranging your tempo, finding your sounds, saving your beats, attaching diferent beats seems alot easier with this particular type, i dont know brand names tho, also if its newer you can get a pedal for activating the beat, probably good for jamming so you can turn on and off beats when you like, sorry i cant be more informative, but yeah, do not get the kind that tick
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