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Temporary name - "Enuma"

My guitarist has recently fell in love with Between the Buried and Me, but still loves stuff like Lamb of God, In Flames, and Pantera, but also likes some crappier bands like Atreyu and the Killers (yuck). He does vocals too - his growling gets better every practice.

My bassist plays pretty simple lines, but also comes up with some Iron Maiden and Tool type riffs sometimes. He's kind of lazy on expanding his ability, but is capable.

I'd say my biggest influences in developing my style are Adrian & Daniel Erlandsson and Nicholas Barker. I'm too technical because I'm self-taught, but I have a pretty good ear (can't write tabs for shit though).

Hard to think of who we sound like though. I guess kinda like Bleeding Through, but a lot faster and with better guitar riffs.
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