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wow, this sounds very familiar to me, a drummer who needs to do shit but cant, and now a guitarist(being me) is asking other drummers for help, thats is funny. i guess im not the only one. i used FRUITY LOOPS as some others have mentioned already. it is realy fun to use. it is not that hard after a while. and you can make the drums do anything you want. even sound better than your real drummer. my drummer uses triggers, and his drums are like the best sounding NATURAL drums i have heard around were i live, i think instead of learning to play drums better, he learned how to tune those suckers ha ha. but no, he is good. he just doesnt practice that often. he only practices t our practice kinda like the other guy. and we only practice like once a week, witch sucks, but this is becouse we practice at my sisters house, wich means we cant practice everyday. but it is kool they let us practice there. we are gonna move into the drummers house as soon as its finished being built!! ha ha, luckily my drummer has a couple of extra drum peices witch he silenced, then he uses his drum module to practice during the week while we are not practicing, he silences them, becouse he lives in an apartment, but yea dude, if you definitly want to take control of the drums, program them yourself on FRUITY LOOPS it is way worth it!
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