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Originally Posted by Ripp3r
[get jabbed]
they only two where you can jab yourself is the ironbird and the beast
you're right
i own the warlock and the only thing that can happen is that you jab others
but not yourself; its also very comfortable to play while sitting

pro what?

"pro bono" is lawyerspeak for legal work done for free as a public service. If BCR was giving guitars away in the 80s, I sure as hell didn't see them and wish I had! I think the fellow who used "pro bono" in his sentence must have used it in some context that only he knows!

To the guy who bought the BCR- Who CARES what anyone else says about your choice of guitar? You gotta get the guitar that works for YOU and fuck all else. I only play Hamers, and nobody else seems to give a shit about them. Fine by me- keeps the price of used Hamers low and all the more of them for ME!
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