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Exclamation pro-"bc rich" thread

after reading through a lot of your threads
i can definitely say that most of you are contra-bcrich(-guitars)
even if they never played on one

well i have to say that i just bought a "bc rich warlock pro" for 500
and i am very satisfied with it

my friend bought himself a ibanez sz320 for about the same and we both agree that the bcrich is more fun to play

i tried a lot of other guitars
i lost hours in shops to try any kinds of
ibanez (especially rg-series), jacksons, emp's and many others

and finally i have to say that the warlock pro offered most for that amount of money:
it's really awesome to play; the double humbuckers sound best and everything is quite fine

sure not everybody likes its look but i cant find any other reasons why someone should like (to play) it


ps: happy new year
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