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Optional Midi to Accompany Tabs

I was thinking that Tabs can be a little obscure to play by just reading sometimes. Or someone might not have Powertabs, but it's the only version of the tab anywhere. Any computer can play MIDI, so I was thinking, so some people don't just get frustrated and give the tab a low score, that maybe it could be possible to have an optional accompanying MIDI score? Anyone can make MIDI using Power Tabs [for those that don't know, File:Export:As Midi] or any of the many various MIDI composers out there. And they are so small too, so I don't think taking up space would be an issue.

So to summrise, A guy gets a tab, dosnt know how to play a certain bit, gets frustrated, gives the tab a low score. But if there is MIDI, he can check that before going insane. Basically, poeple that don't have PT get some of the advantages of it. Just an Idea that I thought would be useful to everyone.
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