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I don't like John Petrucci from Dream Theater. He just shreds, and fucking shreds, and etc. It is seriously fucking annoying. At least with Liquid Tension Experiment you should expect it.

MP is good, but he is over-rated. I still like Steve Vai.

I think I'm going to comment on a few people who were posted.

James Hetfeild, around here at least, gets no sort of recognition. KH is a cunt, and couldn't hold a light to some of the greats.

Malmsteem is another person like Petrucci. JUST FUCKING END IT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Iommi is incredibly overrated. He did alot to pioneer how we play guitar these days, but other than that, his playing is nothing phenomenal.

And as for Kerry King, he does have skill. [sarcasm] It takes serious skill to lean on your whammy bar for an entire solo.[/sarcasm] Kerry King is, and will always be over-rated.
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