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Originally Posted by John Holland
If I'm not mistaken, Paul McCartney worked with an orchestra and produced an illustrious work ... but he does'nt know how to read sheet at all. He just simply dictated to the musicians what he wanted, and managed them to synchronise their efforts ... I can't say whether or not it was more efficient, but it goes to show it can be done.

Another method of "sheet-less" orchestration is Brian May layering, layering, and layering some more with guitar tracks. With the advent of multi-track modern studio technology, some proficiency with recording equipment supplied by one person who is adept at several instruments ( or at instrumental synthesis ) can produce an orchestration, with it going straight to record. The wonders of modern technology!

Paul McCarthy was able to do that because of people in the orchestra or someone else "translating" into music theory for him. I gurantee if you get that many people together and no one knows music theory, your NOT getting an orchestra peice out of it that will sound decent

And of course you can write good music without music theory, just like you can write a great novel without taking any writing classes, or paint a great painting without ever taking an art class......... but it helps.
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