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Originally Posted by PST 88
But, anyway, here are my thoughts on Slipknot: I don't like them. However, I can hear a Morbid Angel influence on the occasional riff. I can hear double bass drumming. I know that it's not easy to find good metal without some kind of gateway. It took a good friend an some more accessible bands to get me into metal, which I otherwise would probably have missed out on, to what I believe would be my detriment. If Slipknot serves as the stepping stone into metal for somebody it would speak to, I'm cool with that. If it doesn't, at least they were a band willing to wear the metal label when a lot of bands were trying to play that term down, and talk up bands I like a lot more than them in interviews with magazines that otherwise would never mention them.

My sentiments exactly: it's not where you start on your metal journey, it's where you end up. Everyone has to start somewhere and, although possible, it is highly unlikely that a person's first introduction to heavy music is going to be Mortal Decay. For me it's been a gradual progression: I was into Guns N' Roses and grunge in the early 90s. Those days were great, but I was always looking for that something a little bit heavier. Eventually I found Metallica and Slayer and then onto death metal and noise/math/whatever-you-want-to-call-it-core.

I'm sure back in the late 80s there were people in the underground who called fans of Guns N' Roses posers. I'm sure there were people in the underground of the 70s metal scene who labelled fans of Black Sabbath posers. It boils down to one aspect of metal culture: elitism.
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