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so what if theyre fans are gay 12 yr olds thinking theyre depressed or some what if theyre all over MTV..its because theyre music is ok..i understand now theyre shit..and i dont listen to them but i dont mind them..

To me there is no such thing as a metal teenybopper..possibly because i havnt met one...but teenyboppers usually listen to rap or rnb or top40 like their friends..metal (esp. heavier sub genres) is a very unique genre and it gets dissed a lot.. i even get called 'weak' for listening to it(because ppl think im weak so i listen to heavier music to copensate; which is the biggest piece of bulshit ive ever heard) and maybe 12yr old fans that like slipknot get a feeling of being cool because they listen to heavy music and are different, if so fine, but if they dont enjoy the music, then thats a problem..and what if theyre 12..its good to start young..if a band like slipknot is very popular..thats great, metal isnt dying out.. just cause black metal bands can hardly release a cd doesnt make them worth listening to, and sorry if that offends people, but its one of the stupidest concepts in Heavy music( and im not gonna call it extreme music cause thats a gay term ).

and i guess im gay, for sticking up for slipknot? well they inspired me to get into heavier stuff..which as PST88 was saying thats ok, so its all good i guess...

and i dont get it.. if i hear no good things about them..except in the band forums... then howcome theyre so popular? hahah..makes no sense...
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