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I don't mind them at all. I also don't listen to them much or have to deal with their fans, but even if I did I doubt I'd mind them. They're worlds ahead of the rest of the nu metal scene and, if their fanboys happen to read any of the interviews with them I've read, they're a positive force in that they'll expose people who otherwise would never hear of them to bands like Morbid Angel, Immolation, etc. Of course, I'm also not the type who gives two shits if I see a twelve year old wearing the same shirt as me, which isn't true of everyone.

On the other hand, Slipknot seem to possess the uncanny ability to give me a hint of something worth listening to and then, just as soon as my attention is caught, shit all over it. So I don't like them. And I do find it as annoying as most to hear slightly darker teeny boppers claim to be into death metal when the lyrics to I Cum Blood would make them sick. But I find it just as annoying when the underground fan tries to rub that in their face. How many goddamn people take impromptu surveys at malls of people in Korn and Cradle of Filth t-shirts and make fun of their response to Breeding the Spawn in online forums? It's just as stupid. The whole thing boils down to those two types of stupidity.

But, anyway, here are my thoughts on Slipknot: I don't like them. However, I can hear a Morbid Angel influence on the occasional riff. I can hear double bass drumming. I know that it's not easy to find good metal without some kind of gateway. It took a good friend an some more accessible bands to get me into metal, which I otherwise would probably have missed out on, to what I believe would be my detriment. If Slipknot serves as the stepping stone into metal for somebody it would speak to, I'm cool with that. If it doesn't, at least they were a band willing to wear the metal label when a lot of bands were trying to play that term down, and talk up bands I like a lot more than them in interviews with magazines that otherwise would never mention them.

And, even if I didn't think all that, there's nothing easier than ignoring them. Trust me; it's easy as hell. Plus, actively hating bands is for True black metallers. I just ignore what I dislike.
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