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I use to like them at one point until I found quality metal. When I started to learn to play the guitar I was able to play their riffs (although slowly) at about 2 months. That is pretty basic. They also started to produce complete shit. Their point of view on shit is also pretty lame, "we are the hardest band" or something like that. Hardly. There are death metal bands that are to the nth degree harder than them.

They are also extreme sellouts. They deny it but shit...look at where they play now...and how many fans they have...At the beginning I'm sure they played at small venues, but now they play at large sport complexes....selling out? possibly. I guess the same could be said about Slayer...but you ddon't hear about their new shit on tv nearly as much or see them on tour nearly as much.

Anyways those are my two reasons really.

Basic guitar playing and selling out to MTV.
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