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Originally Posted by guitar_demon
i have never seen the one in the middle slanted. i think he might have ment that one of the sides "caved in" so that the pickup it self is tilted (one side higher than the other)?

Yes, the way my guitar is: 4 pickups. 1 pickup at the base of the fretboard, then a space, then there's the middle one, which is slanted so the side near my E string caves in slightly and the side of it under my e string is slightly raised, then I have a space and two pickups together.

Also, I just started playing today, and I just got done practicing jingle bells (easy to learn for me),a nd my index finger's fingertip is purple. Is that normal?

Also #2, in the jingle bells tab (, there's a "-"-" in it, what does that mean? The author didn't say.
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