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There are a few different types of cadences:

Perfect authentic cadence-
is when a progression ends with a V-I, whereas the V and I chord are root chords with no inversions, and the I chord has the tonic note doubled in the soprano line.

Imperfect authentic cadence-
Likewise, is when a progression ends with a V-I, but can be inversions and/or there doesn't have to be a doubled tonic note in the soprano line of the I chord.

Half cadence-
is when it ends with a V, hence the "half." Usually it is a root chord, but I guess you could end with an inverted V.

Plagel cadence-
is when it ends with a IV-I chord along with most of the same rules for the PAC. These cadences are the "A-men" of most church plainchants.

Imperfect Plagel cadence-
Like the IAC, but the fact that the VI-I chords can be inverted and such.

The plagel half cadence speaks for itself,
and then there is something called a Picardy 3rd cadence-
which is when you end a major keyed song with a minored tonic. For example: when you are in a piece of C major, and you end with a V-I chord, but the I chord is that of the relative minor key. Kinda weird and rarely used but really cool.
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