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Originally Posted by briyo2289
i have a question abouth these, well i dont know the nname or even if they are real but they are like harmony chords. I was doing then in A minor (ABCDEFG). what i did is i would just play three notes that were third harmonys of the last note. for example for an A i would play A C E. I was wondering if that is a real chord and if it is what is it called or if you can do that with other scales. prety much i just dont know too much about theory but like the idea of making chords. thanks

Reread the first post. See the part where he talks about numbering the notes? Check it out, lets give your ABCDEFG numbers. A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7. What you did by playing every other note, A C E, is you played 1 3 5. This is a standard chord, otherwise know as a triad.

All basic chords are 1 3 5. Those are the chords that are just a letter like G or just a letter with "minor" attached like Gm.
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