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Originally Posted by johnmansley
Right, this is a theory forum that is open to all levels of understanding, not just for people who 'get your drift' as it were. Anybody who is new to theory can get confused easily by bad wording so it is worth bearing this in mind when posting.

Thats good advice for you too. Sure, I didn't fully explain that they start from different places on the same pattern at first. But I did quickly correct that. The whole same pattern/differnt starting place is an important part to understanding modes, so, to say that its incorrect, would lead confuse theory newbs. After I clarrified that they started from different places on the same pattern the only confusion left in the thread is what you had a problem with. You did actually only reply to the message that clearly stated that they all use the same pattern. It was easy to understand and even had examples! But your continued disagreence makes it look like you don't understand the modes. And your rejection of the relationship between modes is easily the most confusing thing in this thread.

You seem hell bent on calling me "only partial right" for a post made at the beginning of the thread. Even though my very next post corrected this, and the correction was even made BEFORE you even got started. And you like to bring up PoT's first post and use him as a back up for what your saying. But guess what! He was in complete agreement with the pattern thing after I explained it better, which, was of course, before you even got started.

So, are you stuck, holding on to that very first post, unable to accept anything that followed it, or do you not understand how modes work? Or, do you just not understand what i've said? And if thats the case, then you should actually explain your view point, something other then this "i'm right, your wrong" stance you've had so far. If my explanation of modes and their relationships with each other has been so poor as to confuse theory newbs, then you should help them out and explain it better.

lol, sorry. I'm argumentative, but, you are being thick headed.
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