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Ok, but I'm sure I've done this before.

I was in a band called Dark Demise (Yes. The name does suck.) for a few years. I wrote none of the music, and played for the shit of it. We mainly played covers, until our guitarist and drummer began to develop and unhealthy love for hardcore. We split up because our singer is mormon and is going on his mission soon. We probably sounded like every other metal cover band ever created by a group of highschool friends.

I was also in a band called Neverending War (I know, the names just get better and better.) in which we played almost straight hardcore. I don't even have a passing interest in most hardcore, and did this because the guys in the band are my friends. We sounded like hardcore, with enough metal to keep me temporarily satisfied. This band is still around, but I'm no longer in it, as I've got petty things like school, my abhorrent lady situation, and believe it or not, a METAL band I helped create getting in the way.

I play bass, by the way.

Ok, now on to Necroscope. Necroscope is the current incarnation of what was once Anubis. Now, we found that there are several other bands named Anubis, and figured we needed a new name. Our rythm guitarist loves Brian Lumley's work, so we went with Necroscope. We formed in August of 2000, and play a coherent blend of power, (Our rythm guitarist, Brett's stuff) death, (Our singer Shawn's stuff), and thrash (My stuff). Now, we are currently preparing for our first show, at a Hip-Hop showcase in January at my high school. Yep, thrash at a Hip-Hop show. We hope to record a demo over either spring break, or this coming summer. We should have one done, as we have roughly six or seven songs, but our soon to be ex-drummer does crack, and is about as reliable as, hmmmm, a crack addict. To describe our sound is hard, as teh individual sounds often meld into something that we like to think is at least somewhat original. The stuff I write is more often than not, highly influenced by Overkill, Kreator, Megadeth, and, on occasion King Diamond. Brett's stuff is often Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Gamma Ray, and Children of Bodom style stuff. Our singer, Shawn, worships pretty much all that is stereotypical of a black/death lover. He listens to a shitload of Gorgoroth, Burzum, and Immortal, as well as stuff like Kataklysm, Dissection, and Borknagar. He also worships the ground that Gothenburg was built upon, so take that as you will. Our lead guitarist hasn't written much, but he loves punk and thrash, so him and I usually agree.

And there you have it. There are four metal bands in my town, and I'm involved with three of them.
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