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I'm the former of a band called "Hiatus". It is a mixture between progressive metal and black metal. While I'm playing guitar and do the lead Growls, our second guitarist is a female singer who does the clean vocals. We haven't got any samples online yet, but that's only a question of time...

I'm actually thinking to include my clean vocals, arcturus (the sham mirrors) style, but that will take away much time and practice.

I also have a second Project running, named KrorK. An Atmospheric Progressive Doom Black Metal band.... although there were no band meetings lately, but many songs are already finished and will be maybe recorded soon.
"Without corpses
there's no War
and without War
there's no Victory
My Dear!"
- by Devil Doll (The Girl who was... Death)

"In an Insane World,
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- Alien 3
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