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I'm in a bunch of bands.

My main band is a Gore Grind band similar to Exhumed/Impaled music but with Mortician horror intros and stuff. I sing and play lead guitar. However my other guitarist moved away so now I need to find another one.

My other bands are

A Thrash Metal band, I sing and play bass. Accually havent been working on that project for a few months (all three musicians already have bands and this is a side project)

An Old school Death Metal band (think of a cross between Obituary, Cannibal Corpse Bleeding era, and Bloodbath). I play guitar and sing. This is only being talked about and setting out ideas but we should start writting soon.

Now just yesterday I got asked to do a Technical Death metal thing. Sorta like Gorgasm with they're being three vocalists.
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