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Alice in Chains- Love, Hate, Love
Black Sabbath- Megalomania
Dark Angel- The Death of Innocence
Dark Angel- No One Answers
Dark Angel- Older than Time Itself
Dark Angel- The Promise of Agony
Dark Angel- The entire Time Does Not Heal album
Death- Living Monstrosity
Death- Low Life
Megadeth- Hook in Mouth
Megadeth- Poison was the Cure
Megadeth- Symphony of Destruction
Megadeth- Countdown to Extinction
Megadeth- Ashes in Your Mouth
Nuclear Assault- Brainwashed
Rush- The Spirit of Radio
Rush- Subdivisions
Slayer- Circle of Beliefs
Suffocation- Ornaments of Decrepancy
Watchtower- Control and Resistance

Generally, any lyrics written by either Gene Hoglan or Chuck Schuldiner were brilliant. Most of Megadeth's later lyrics were good. Most Watchtower and Rush lyrics are also good stuff.
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