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You see, my drummer is a moron. The only hope we have is a drum machine. He doesn't own a computer, there are no computers in the basement we practice. I'm not going to be using a drum machine to teach him everything, mainly what i'll be doing is adding drums to a song i've written, very basic drums, so that he can understand the riffs. From there he can learn the beats of that song and build off of it.

There's no way the guy will learn any theory. We've tried explaining very simple stuff and he looks dumbfounded and his eyes start twitching. He won't take lessons because of some bullshit reason he'll make up, and we tried getting him to buy an electric drum kit to play at home but he decided against it.

Oh, speaking of which, he only practices once a week, DURING band practice. That's the only time he ever touches a drum kit. We wanted him to at least get an electric kit to practice at home, which would have been perfect, but no. He wants to replace his current kit with newer parts. So our last hope is this drum machine.

So i ask again.....does anyone know anything about them? I'm going out today to hopefully find one i can rent, or at least get info from some people at the music shops.
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