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Originally Posted by warlock_freak
give me a break, sure you may say the warlcoks crap, but its the best guitar ive ever played. ok. im typing this now cause low E broke and im replacing it with Dean Markley 10-52...(bad or good..salesman sucked) and + for christs sake im 14. ill get a better warlock when i save up for it. and mate, 7 bucks an hour is not a lot when youve got other commitments (no i dont take drugs that fucking stupid) na i have other hobbies too. well, toodle-oo

When I was 14 (a year ago) I had 8 guitars! Now, I still have 8 guitars but I'm getting a new one real soon.
Active pickups wouldnt be a bad idea in a case such as this. They dont rely on the wood of the guitar for the tone as much. The bad thing is, is that the EMGs would cost as much as the guitar is worth so.. But I'm not against that. My Washburn has a good $300 worth of things I've bought for it and I only got it for $200. And you dont want to know how much more I'm planning on putting into it.
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