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Drum Machines

I apologize in advance if i've overlooked an already existing, active thread about this. I made a quick search and the only one i found was closed and had about 8 posts with no info.

Alright, i'm interested in purchasing a drum machine mainly to teach our current drummer how the fuck to play. He's never taken a course for music in his life (and is surprisingly good), but he doesn't understand beats, time signatures, or anything else about music and theory. So trying to explain to him a riff i've written is very hard, even when i dumb it down to "alright, this riff goes like 'one-two-three-one-two-three'"....he doesn't even seem to understand that!

Now before you hackle me to get a new drummer.....we've tried. There's a couple better drummers we've talked to, but they have no place to our current guy is sadly all we have.

So, i need something that can handle Death Metal style drumming. Examples of bands would be Gorguts, Immolation, Martyr and Death. We need something good enough for this, and possibly to record a shit demo we could send off to clubs to try and set up shows. We're always gonna "try" and have a real drummer, this is just an aid to help us progress a little faster.
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