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Originally Posted by Mordor
I ve played both the screamer and thunder combo's and they rocked. The cleans and distortion were literally to die for. At the moment i'm seein whether theres any savage 60's going around

Good luck, if there's one you're really lucky. I got mine from, they are on there every now and then and you might get lucky in the auction because they're not that well known (but the savage 60 is just a 60w version of the topmodel savage) it even has tube monitoring with leds in the back, recording outs with volume control and all that shit a fireball/screamer/thunder doesn't have. *theres one on right now.

as for cabs, the Engl V30 are superior to the marshall 1960 cab IMO, just like mesa v30 cabs, or most other cabs with v30's. they just sound great.
The V60 cab Engl has is not really special, a marshall does the job just as good with a bit more low end and you can get them used.

I might get a Diezel or Engl v30 cab next year if I've got some money left (gonna be in august or something...)

nicest thing about having a marshall cab is that you can borrow other bands' cabs, since everybody uses marshall I can allways rip a 1960A cab and stack those fuckers up
On another note, most clubs or other gigs have marshall cabs, if you can't bring your own cab, you still have your 'own' sound. we're going on tour to germany with a van but we can't take all our cabs man, just the complete bassrig and one engl cab (of our other guitarist)
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