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Originally Posted by MobyDick
i know this is really late but if any body is still paying attention to this than how do those plastic beeters with the rubber on them sound (speed ball for example) and how are triggers used?

I see you only have one post and i bet you arnt going to come back to see this but whatever. The iron cobra pedal i got yesterday came with 3 different beaters. Felt, Wood, and Rubber. I tried all of them out. I think that felt sucks compared to wood and rubber. Its to quiet and low sounding. I tried the rubber and realy liked them. I tried the wood which was good but i picked rubber. I was about 2 minutes into a song playing medium tempo double bass and i noticed a bunch of the rubber stuff coming off the beater. I stopped and looked at it and it was wore down alot. I felt it and it was really hot. I dont know if that happens with all rubber beaters. I also have a plastic impact pad on my bass drum so that may have had something to do with it. So, i just switched bass to wood. But the rubber beaters sound realy good. Alot of punch.

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