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Originally Posted by Mutant Christ
I never understood how someone could tell a band's guitar tuning by watching their videos.

And, for the record, Slipknot doesn't use A tuning.

On Heretic Anthem they use AEADF#b, I think they switch between, although drop B is their main tuning, oh yeah we're talking about Mnemic here. They're a type of band who's technicality isn't fully appreciated with a few listens over time you notice a bunch of new things. Although they don't have the solos that Meshuggah has, I think Mnemic is actually more complex than other cyber thrashers these days. Yeah, Mircea emailed me back a while ago before I had MSP and said it's all tuned in B. I can get some of the notes right on some songs like Dreamstate Emergency and Liquid other than their songs have me stumped.
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