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everything in your rig will contribute to your sound. is there a certain sound you are looking for? frankly i'm not a fan of warlocks, and if you have a bronze warlock don't bother buying anything until you replace the pickups. also though i am a hypocrite by saying this since i use pedals, a good amp distortion will kill any pedal. unfortuneately i bought my amp on name alone (marshall) and i liked its warm tube feel, however the distortion blows for what i play (In flames, nevermore, fear factory sound). i therefore have a pedal rig as a cheap fix for the time being. my reccomendation to you, try out alot of pedals and make sure you get yourself a noise gate. i'm a fan of both the digitech metalmaster and pro rat for my distortion, and any fairly decent quality noise gate should keep the noise to a minimum. as for you warlock frankly unless you have a top of the line series one, replace the pickups with actives, since the wood on the lower end ones are crap. active pickups can make almost any guitar sound good, since then the wood affects the sound very little. hope this helps somewhat, i'll follow up if ya post again
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Cunt face.

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