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Talking i got it...

Yep i your range consists of 2 octaves and a tone a and a half...
You're a high tenor (tenor leggieri) if you cant get lower than that 4th string D...
you must take notice which is you lowest comfortable note (the one you can raise it's volume without forcing it) and then you can go from that note two octaves up (that's your tessitura or comfortable range...)
in your case (assuming that low D is your low comfortable note) you would have a quite high tessitura and you can get two or three more notes from that d (that would give you a high f#) more than that would be a bit can be done (my tessitura is from a low a, lower than your d, to an a below your high D...but i can get to an e-f in a good day..that would give me three octaves...from my lowest f1...)
so you can get as high as you wish up to a g# if you practice your mesa di voce man (that means as you get higher and higher you lower the volume of your head voice, compressing it and taking the resonance spot higher at the top of your head, thus you need to breath really good and not allow the wind pipe to release the air to clenching your abs a little)... hope that helped...see ya high tenor...
(oh and listen and try to mimick, though it's no good to do that most of the time, to glenn hughes in deep purple/trapeze...he get's down with it when it comes to mesa di voce...listen to "you fool no one" (studio-"burn") or any o his songs...then you will get the idea you muste never use more than 70% of your total loudness when reaching the ends of your register, both high and low...)
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