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Holy shit... A versus poll that actually makes a fair comparison. Last one I saw was Exodus vs. Testament, I guess the Suffocation-Cryptopsy wasn't so bad... Anyway, I'll always prefer Cannibal Corpse for reasons of nostalgia (they opened up the world of death metal to me), but I could never vote for them if they were matched up against Morbid Angel. CC's newer stuff totally dominates their older stuff (their first three albums were simple as fuck), and Morbid Angel have stayed remarkably consistent. Oddly, my favorite album from both bands were their releases in 1998. FFttF and Gallery are my two favorites. Also odd, my second favorite album by each band are their respective 1991 releases, Blessed... and Butchered at Birth.

Honestly, though, Morbid Angel over their careers shit all over Cannibal Corpse. Better song structure, better writing overall. Cannibal Corpse didn't really start getting complex until their 4th or 5th album and didn't really master the art of technical complexity until their 6th album. Morbid Angel had it mastered from their second album.

I guess one could argue that of their latest releases, CC has the edge. I really did like The Wretched Spawn better than Heretic. If you compare their older stuff, I don't see how any respectable guitarist can pick Eaten Back to Life over Altars of Madness.
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