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chord formation

start with a c major scale.

as you saw before, these can be numbered. 1 - 8
C1 D2 E3 F4 G5 A6 B7 C8
to get a triad, all you do is take 1,3 and 5.
so Cmajor triad
C (1 root note), E (3 major 3rd) and G (perfect 5th).
C E G. simple.
thats called a tonic. major.
the different types are:

tonic triad (primary) I
supertonic triad (secondary) II
mediant triad (secondary) III
subdominant triad (primary) IV
dominant triad (primary) V
submediant triad (secondary) VI
leading note triad (secondary) VII

to get these is simple, you just shift the patern up the scale, starting with the numeral on the left...

so a dominant v(5) is G, B, and D
(we've just added 4 to the original numbers, remembering that C is 1, not 0)

you can change a Cmajor tonic, so that C is not the lowest note in the triad.
C E G - E G C
(just remove the low C and bung it in at the top)
this is called the 2nd inversion.
likewise, G C E is the 3rd inversion.
you can do this to any of the triads above.

more than major.
notice we started with a Cmajor scale.
all this applies to other scales.
we can substitute the major 3rd (in this case E) for a minor 3rd. (Eb)
(just count the numbers on a minor scale)

Major triad - major 3rd with a perfect 5th
Minor triad - minor 3rd with a perfect 5th

for an diminished, we keep the minor 3rd and change the perfect 5th(G) to a diminished(Gb)
for an augmented, we need a major 3rd(E) and an augmented 5th(G#)

Augmented - triad major 3rd with an augmented 5th
Diminished - triad minor 3rd and a diminished 5th

four notes.
once you have this down, you can start adding more notes.
example, for a Cmajor tonic,
C, E, G
to make an Cmaj7, you just add the seventh note. B.
C, E, G, B
note: not to be confused with a C7(dominant, or flatened seventh, Bb)
you can add any notes you like.
cmaj2 4 7
C, E , G with D, F, B. (this actually sounds like a bloody mess but never mind.)
if you see a higher number, you need to put it in an octave higher.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 ...
C D E F G A B C D E F G A ...
so a Cmaj9 would be
C,E,G and D
with the D 14 semitones above the root.
as aposed to Cmaj2
which would be C, D, E, G, with the D 2 semitones above the root.

ill do more later if anyone cares.
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