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Originally Posted by Trendkill 420
an odd thing i've noticed.
you typed trendk'-- . Probably in an attempt to shorten my handle.
but it's the exact same. trendk is 6 letters. (ill) is the norm, yet you replaced them with ('--). The exact same amount of letters. And it's even one key, one key twice.

I think she's more concerned with how it would sound than with how much effort she put into it. I may be wrong.

Originally Posted by ShredIsNotDead
Holy fuck, this whole forum has come to a standstill. It is like it was evolving, and all of a sudden BOOM! Everything just goes in circles, everybody has to critisize another person for something, which is then countered, and then somebody says "Oh gosh, you are all critisizing eachother", and then somebody has to fight with them about that. You just end up at the start. The only thing you can do that is productive is just give him some fair critisizm. We don't need metaltab philosophers.

Agreed, but you can't expect the internet to be a haven of free and intelligent discourse - though, in comparison with some sites I've seen, this forum is. I'd love to see this forum only give constructive criticism, as I've tried to do when I've posted in this particular part, but I really don't expect it. It's the internet, and most people here are so metal they rust in the rain and need to have some non-metal helper-friends around to oil their joints and get them moving out of the water; allow a little leeway for idiocy. Unless it gets annoying.

And we do need metaltab philosophers. Just quiet ones.
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