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you may have seen ledger lines before, that just meens that the note was either too high (like the pic) or too low to be placed on the staff.

if you are familiar with piano then you know about middle C (if not then middle C is the middle key and is what a lot of things are based off of)
when you have a grand staff middle C would be located by going one ledger line below treble clef which is also one ledger line above bass clef. by knowing this its much easer to figure them out, say you have a note that is two ledger lines above bass cleff. well one line above is middle c and anything above that would be getting into treble clef. so two ledger lines above bass would be the first line in treble, which is what note folks? (thats right E)

bar linesare the lines that seperate one measure from the next one. when in only one staff there are written like the top one, but when in a grand staff like the bottom one.

every peice of music must end with two bar lines.

repeat sign this meens to repeat something. if there is only one then you go back to the beggining of the music, but if there is one facing the opposite directiong then you go to that sign and repeat from there

i think that should pretty much cover it

any questions im happy to answer

ok im done go ahead and post now...oh and i know i said i would delete that first post, but because its the first post and i made the thread im not sure if it would delete the thread and i fucking dont want that to happen

hey john i think this should be a sticky what do you say?
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