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when writing in sheet music, there are three things you need befor even writing any music down

1-the clef its in (already coverd, but i didnt say that treble is the higher notes and bass is the lower)
2-key sig
3-time sig

lets start with #3

-------------------TIME SIGS-------
a time signiture is made up of two numbers.
the top one represents how many beats will be in a measur ( you can have 2, 3,4,8,12)
while the bottom number will tell you what kind of note gets a full beat
if 4 is the bottom note then a quarter note gets a full beat (so everything is normall to what i posted before)
but say 2 is the bottom number then that meens that a half note is now one note instead of two. which means a whole note is now 2 instead of 4 ect..

the most common one is 4, 4 time also known as common time and can be written with a C instead of the numbers.

these are not fractions so dont write them as such!!

other key sigs would be
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