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-------------THE NOTES-----
when you writing on sheet music you use note values to represent how long to hold that note for

whole note lasts for 4 beats, and is counted as "1234"

half note lasts two beats and is counted as "12" "34"

quarter note lasts one beat and is counted "1" "2" "3" "4"

eighth note lasts for 1/2 of a beat and is counted "1+" "2+" "3+" "4+"

sixteenth note lasts for 1/4 of a note and is counted "1e+a" "2e+a" "3e+a" "4e+a"

those are are main ones, you could have a 32 note, but you would normall just speed the tempo up and use a smaller note.

you can also dot a note , which adds half of the original value to it. so if you had a dotted half you had half of the original beat value to it(2 beats) so you now have a note worth 3 beats
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