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I've read many, many Burzum interviews, as well as a fair number of the articles he's written that have been translated into English. Varg isn't a decent guy, except in the sense that it's hard to find a human being you couldn't fairly easily get along with.

bloodredthrone seems to be a less literate SR Prozak parrot. If he can't post a topic without giving us a poor imitation of that man's thesis, no matter how little it matters - What bands do you like? I think black metal's moved away from its nihilistic origins and blah blah blah Varg's a modern day hero because he went from being a pioneer in one genre to a third-rate minimalist composer blah blah blah - I'm sure one of our friends can take care of that problem for him. For future reference: if you want to talk about your top five favorite black metal bands, a topic called 'Top 5 black metal bands' is a good place to do it. If you want to talk about the degraded state of current black metal, a thread with a title like 'True black metal rules, trendy posers should suck on my rectum' would be more appropriate. The two don't belong under the roof of the same thread. Figure out which you want to talk about, or make two different threads.
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