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Originally Posted by BrokenCrimson
I like:
Burzum, pre-electronic. I admire Varg's spirit, and he's a decent guy, if you read any of the interviews.
Emperor, Anthems in particular, and eventhough purists called them sellouts for this album, I salute them for doing what they did.
Satyricon, both old and new.
Astriaal, you have to love Astriaal, and if you don't, you're missing out.
Mayhem, and now that Maniac got fired, I can't wait what they will come up with next.

MANIAC GOT FIRED??? we'll be waiting 4-5 years for the next mayhem effort... cant wait hehehe. GDoW was decent but nothing to write home about. chimera i havent heard, and i wont if the reviews are anything to go by.

1. burzum, including electronic. each album is unique, from the true "burzum", to the artistic and beautiful "hvis lyset tar oss", to the crushingly heavy "filosofem" and all his ambient songs in between. i intend to buy hlidhskjalf and possibly daudi baldirs.

2. dissection. not part of the raw norwegian scene, these guys were amazing. it's not really sad that jon went to jail, they may have sold out earlier (it appears they have now). ill hear the new album and see what i think. regardless, their first two cds are legendary.

3. atomizer. temporarily forefronted the australian scene, while norway is the "tr00" country, i live in australia so thats useful. not bad third album, fan-fucking-tastic second album, with raw guitar sound but not raw production and classic old school riffs.

4. astrofaes. similar to darkthrone but canes darkthrone.

5. immortal hammer. delicious raw band with some nice riffs.

hah, only one norwegian band in all of that...
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