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Bloodredthrone you're trad fucking bitch. Don't justify musical claustrophobia. "The suck ass production is to ward off the trendy" - surprise, it's not the bad production that's warding off the trendy, it's the fact that the music is not "cool". The trendy will listen to an 8 bit version of Britney Spears' farts if MTV told them to, and if BM was on MTV they would listen to it, bad production or not. Bad production is too often used as a substitute for heaviness through composing, which sucks. Minimalism gets sickening after awhile, when all it becomes is three chord wonder recombination music. Instead, BM lost it's spirit of progress and doing something unique. Did Bathory, Sodom,Celtic Frost or Venom have "tr00 BM" guidelines to adhere to? Of course not. They were pioneers, and BM was about experimentation and slapping the rules in the face, and that's gone now with everyone trying to be painfully true.

I like:
Burzum, pre-electronic. I admire Varg's spirit, and he's a decent guy, if you read any of the interviews.
Emperor, Anthems in particular, and eventhough purists called them sellouts for this album, I salute them for doing what they did.
Satyricon, both old and new.
Astriaal, you have to love Astriaal, and if you don't, you're missing out.
Mayhem, and now that Maniac got fired, I can't wait what they will come up with next.
I <3 12 year olds.
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