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Top 5 black metal bands

My top five would have to be, and in no particular order:

New black metal has aquired a more mainstream sound structure and production quality which goes against the view points and styles that actually define black metal. For example, Darkthrone purposely used lo-fi production mediums such as tapes for more of a reason than money. If you look at transylvanian hunger, it has a much lower quality of production than their earlier releases. This is to thwart away the trendy, and those who can not appreciate their nihilistic views (well not true nihilism, more of satanism light) and asatru influences. The ultra minimilistic style is inherited from the electronica scene by influencial neo-classical musicians. For example Varg uses only classical scales on his cd Det Som Engang Var. It's actually quite clever that he exited the black metal scene with two entirely electronic releases. The black metal scene is dead, as all the good bands are either no longer or they have switched to other more listenable genres (for example dimmu borgir who transformed themselves into sort of a pop black metal which is therefore not really black metal.) That is my reasoning and you aren't going to convince me otherwise much like i could not convince you otherwise.
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