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Originally Posted by westsiderrider
The whole thing about alex being so good isnt because he has a fast right hand, many many death metal bassists use their fingers. he is good because he is good at all aspects of playing and if you had watched the wreched spawn dvd u would know that.

he slaps and taps like a muther fucker in that dvd, Ok so he's no stu hamm or jaco but they play different music to what he does.

I've seen that DVD and still stand by anything I said. I wasn't actually comparing him to Stu Hamm or Jaco Pastorius so much as to other death metal bassists, who get very little credit despite being on a similar level.

Like I said, I'm not trying to bag on Alex Webster so much as to make sure the description of him's more balanced, and to point out that there are a lot of other great death metal bassists who just haven't had the exposure, or a Wretched Spawn DVD of their own.
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