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I just realized that in a previous post, I said I lack a drummer. What I meant was that his kit isn't here and there's no mics here to record them with, I plug direct when I record.

Def - That was cool. That last little part where it gets kinda softer is really cool and catchy, overall I liked it, wouldn't change a thing if I were you. Liked the drums too, I wish my drummer could do that. He doesn't understand the concept of half time. Whenever I try to get him to change the drums behind a riff, he plays something entirely different, when I mean to slow it down. He also gets thrown off when he does fills and throws them in at spots where it sounds bad. If he could learn that the insturments need to relate to each other in a way, and learn his place, all would be good. He has the skill, just needs to use it properly.

Sorry about that, my drummer sometimes distresses me. That was awesome Def!

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