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Originally Posted by Credit to Dementia
Why? Is there some reason you'd associate a good thrash scene with California?

They're supposed to have a good scene within certain parameters. I don't remember what they are. But I think that you're meant to feel that, whatever town you live in, happens to be the worst place to start up a metal band.

Well, bay area thrash is coming back believe it or not, except not as huge as it was during Metallica days, those lucky bastards.

Heavy metal scene seems to be swinging back around all over north america, it's very present in CA indeed, just better in sertain regions.

To tell you the truth, San Fran has to be one of the best places to start anything, because of the wide culture, and acceptance of almost any culture, but unfortunately we don't live there... so we have to deal with the place where we do live, which is nu-metal and hardcore riden. Hardcore is slowly going away, but this place (Fresno), has been the pinacle of hardcore for a loooong time, but now it's moving toward metalcore and grindcore, none of which I admire.
But the promissing thing is that there's a lot of people who are fed up with all of this around here, and are looking for a good all around metal band with a scence of something new, keeping the old roots, and this is where we step in. The only problem is that we just started in the local scene, and it's hard geting noticed because of the crappy selection of public places to play at, most of them are in areas where people wouldn't want to go unless they were payed to, which is upsetting and sad that the rest of this city (which is so wide spread) doesn't have any decent venues in the nicer, more metal friendly, areas.

Anyhow, that's my rant on that, sorry if it's too long, just couldn't resist explaining why Fresno CA sucks so much (but it's getting better... no matter how hard it is for me to admit this).

Well, I'll get you guys some tracks of Writhen's demo sometime, although the voice on there is not mine (I hate it...), and it hurts to know that I sound so much better live, and how much we screwed up this first demo.
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