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Originally Posted by powersofterror
meh...I can sing up to f natural 2 octaves above middle c without fallsetto and as low as 1 octave below middle c to the note d. So I have a 3-4 octave range. But I want more

yeah...i wanto more too, you can never have enough range hehe...but i didn't quite got it middle c you mean the c on the third fret of the A string or the c on the fifth fret of the g string? could u clarify that?
anyway it's quite a lot man...i can go from the 6th string first fret (assuming eadgbe of course) to the 12 fret of the first string with my head voice..and from there up to the Bb (18th fret of the first string) using falsetto...U should try doing the high notes using half voice (mesa di voce) that means lowering the volume so you can do a crescendo from piano to mezzo forte more a less.
(otherwise if u try to reach higher by pushing harder u'll screw up your cords... )do sirens also _(slide from your lowest note to your highest in one breath a few times)
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