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Thumbs up

Thanks for the criticism! Here's what I thought of the last three:

smotpoker: Excellent job! I liked it a lot. It's very melodic but you still want to move when you hear it. Bad things? It might be hard to put vocals on top of that if you wanted to.

Bo-Dom: Also quite excellent. Needs more, but as with MoonRaven, I'm sure you were planning on that.

younguitarist: Very good indeed. I'm enjoying your style very much for the constant playing, with few breaks. It's very intense. (In case that wasn't clear, I meant it in a good way.) However, I still think it could use more.

This is VERY satisfying. I expected to find at least one hunk of crap, but everything's been good so far! Rock on folks!

I'm lookin' on my hardrive for some old ones right now.

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