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Heh heh heh...I'll try. I do think it's about that time to boil those strings...I mean, it's a washburn though...and he's spend thousands of dollars on all of gear and bridges, new amps, new guitars...I mean, he has atleast 6-7 guitars in his room alone, and 4-6 amps of dirrerent brands and I don't think he'd really need them boiled if he can get all of that...

On the other hand...there is a slight issue- does boiling loosen the strings, or make them more tense? Because when I did it to mine, they only slightly tensened up.
Because like I said before- "...they are stiff and kind of hard to bend..." and I don't wanna make them any harder because I gotta play with that guitar at his house, and when our band gets a gig.
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