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Originally Posted by guitar_demon
as i sit here many a night and surf the screen of green i often contemplate what could make this emerald bueaty even more so.
the lightning that flows from mjøllner true and strong has struck down on my brain so i now stand before thee oh nomadic one infinite ruler of all prestine and I a mere tabber of the metal besetch thee to hear our pleas and cries and to lend a moment of your untouchable time. if you make a section dedicated to theory and the in-depth of knowledge of music there will be much rejoicing and once again this emerald isle we have come to call metaltabs will be full and complete, the one known as powersofterror seems a worthy canididate out of us to rull over such a place in the light of your absence.
i offer this sacrifice as a gift and await your answer

its not that big a deal just thought it might be cool to have but i guess the threads could just go into guitar/bass forums?

WTF, but yeah
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