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killer of trends it was probably in the heat of the moment.

i felt like that after my first girlfriend dumped me, she was an ice queen and then she leaves me for some guy she rooted on a scout camp.
hah, im in a relationship now, 10 months, i will never be dumped!!!

back on topic, maybe it helps with the pain in dealing with bitchy women. just take it easy, if it was ill-written eg. "i runned in2 da ho'z r00m d3n sta88ed hrr in d hed hehehehehehe w0t u fink of dat" then that would deserve criticism but just take it easy, loosen up a little.

brutur you shouldnt be taken so lightly. "because of you the metal scene is fucked up"??? because of YOU the metal scene is fucked up, arseless fags that dont have a sense of humour!!
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