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Originally Posted by powersofterror
.....The singer in Dream theater does it and he sounds beautiful. Trying to touch your chest with your chin does absolutly nothing but strain yourself. And I'm not yawning, I'm trying to sing without falsetto above my actual range.

I think you didn't get what i are trying to sing high notes like the c one octave above middle c without you gotta use head voice unless you're a freak like andre matos from Angra(he uses chest up there)...
the thing is that raising your adam's apple gives you a very unpleasant other words it'll sound like shit unless you keep a lowered larynx (adam's apple). James Labrie sings using his head voice up there (he reaches an F# above the tenor high c...i can get to a d# or even a an E6 in a good day). Oh i almost forgot you won't get any vibrato by straining and raising your larynx also.
this site covers a few excercises to lower your larynx and why it should stay low.

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