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Originally Posted by Def
Nice website, I'de get Alfa Edelpils, Grolsch, Hertog Jan (!!!if they have them, get the primator!!!)

for heavy stuff, get the La Trappe Quadrupel, its 10% and has a nice taste too.

theres a bunch missing there but they have some pretty good ones.

if you want belgian beers.... try la chouffe, westmalle, palm, duvel, leffe blond (on a hot sunny day only) Straffe Hendrik and ofcourse Jupiler.

Nice ones. If you come over for WC2006 John, we'll be sure to try most of them!!!

Hahaha! Sure thing!

Thanks for the list, Def. I'll be sure to try all of them eventually, but for now I think I'll order some Hertog Jan and Alfa Adelpils with maybe a bottle or two of La Trappe Quadruple for good measure.

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